An enormous semi tractor-trailer, 18-wheeler or "big rig," negligently operated by a poorly trained driver, jackknifes while spilling its load, plowing into drivers of conventionally-sized motor vehicles on a busy highway, leaving violent death and destruction in its wake.

A collision between a truck and a motorcycle causes brain and spinal cord injury to the unprotected driver and passenger on the motorcycle.

The distracted driver of a car strikes a vulnerable pedestrian in a crosswalk, causing coma, broken bones and paralysis.

These situations are prime examples of serious, life-changing, life-ending injuries that result from a wide range of motor vehicle accidents on California's major thoroughfares, in construction work zones, in hospitals from medical malpractice and on high school athletic fields throughout the state.

Sadly, these accidents happen every day. And the Law Offices of Brian C. Gonzalez is here to protect the rights of their seriously injured victims. Our skilled personal injury lawyer uses his decades of experience and record of positive results to advocate, negotiate and litigate in his clients' best interests.

A Strong Voice For Victims Of Serious Injuries And Traumatic Brain Injury In Southern California

As opposed to the professional leagues and the NCAA, which swiftly attend to a competitor's possible concussion or traumatic brain injury, our high school, club and youth leagues do not provide for specific concussion protocols when a high school or middle school athlete suffers a serious head injury during contact sports such as football or soccer. The closest thing to a protocol is a training video that coaches are supposed to watch — but never have to prove that they actually did.

Is the middle school or high school athlete in your home suffering from disabling aftereffects of a collision on an athletic field. Are you desperate for skilled legal guidance that protects your rights, and ensures appropriate health care for the injured player.

If you or a loved one suffered a catastrophic or traumatic injury in an accident caused by negligence, or are contemplating taking legal action against a California school or football helmet manufacturers because of an athlete's football concussion, please contact the Law Offices of Brian C. Gonzalez right away. We can help.

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