In this era of continuing medical advances, not to mention oaths that health care professionals take that commit them to addressing patient problems, there is no excuse for medical malpractice in California and throughout the U.S.

Did you feel worse after a hospital stay than when you were admitted? Were your health problems overlooked, ignored, misdiagnosed or misinterpreted, causing lingering medical issues and a mountain of medical debt?

At the Law Offices of Brian C. Gonzalez, our experienced personal injury attorney handles every medical negligence issue — from birth injury to surgical error and pharmacy error, to failure to diagnose and anesthesiologist error.

Brian C. Gonzalez holds physicians, nurses and hospital administrations, among others, accountable, along with their insurers, when medical malpractice such as misdiagnosis and medication errors worsen a patient's condition, cause serious injury or illness, or lead to wrongful death.

A Strong Voice For Victims Of Medical Malpractice In Southern California

As your lawyer, Mr. Gonzalez listens carefully to your account of what happened and carefully examines hospital records of your treatment. He brings the facts of your case to insurance companies with the goal of a fair financial settlement that reflects your hardships. If those discussions are not productive, he is fully prepared to take your case to court for meaningful litigation.

Not only is your initial consultation FREE of charge, but our law firm's contingency fee policy means that you owe no attorney fees unless we win your case. Contact the Law Offices of Brian C. Gonzalez today. We serve clients in San Diego, Manhattan Beach and across Southern California. Call 800-884-1072 toll free or stay online to send an email message.