A Strong Voice For The Seriously Injured In Southern California

Victims of serious injuries in accidents caused by negligence face a number of uphill battles — against medical bills, lost income, the cost of replacing a destroyed motor vehicle, and the pain and suffering of recovery from these setbacks.

If this situation sounds familiar — if the carelessness of a motorist, property owner, product manufacturer or health care professional has changed your life, or ended a loved one's — the Law Offices of Brian C. Gonzalez is here to help.

For over 30 YEARS, attorney Brian C. Gonzalez has successfully protected the rights of personal injury victims during accident investigations, negotiations with insurers and forceful litigation in court. In every claim he handles, his goal is to win maximum financial compensation that recoups every accident-related expense.

Brian C. Gonzalez — A Strong Voice For The Seriously Injured In Southern California

Were you hospitalized and emotionally traumatized by a car accident in San Diego, Manhattan Beach or surrounding areas?

Have you or your child suffered a concussion or traumatic brain injury in an accident or through sports activities?

Have your injuries in a premises liability slip-and-fall led to disability, and the inability to work?

Did a friend or relative suffer fatal injuries in an accident, in a case of wrongful death?

Has your health worsened after medical treatment that may amount to medical malpractice?

Experienced, compassionate lawyer Brian C. Gonzalez works hard to put this difficult time behind you — and to achieve the justice you deserve.

For your added comfort and convenience, our law firm's contingency fee policy means that you owe no legal fees unless your case is won and money damages are recovered for you.

Your free initial consultation can take place at your hospital room or residence if your medical condition has confined you there. Contact the Law Offices of Brian C. Gonzalez toll free by phone at 800-884-1072 or by email message.


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