Verdicts And Settlements


The Erin Brockovich case vs. Pacific Case and Electric. Represented over a hundred residents of Hinkley, California against PG&E who had knowingly dumped hexavalent chromium into the area's groundwater. Mr. Gonzalez handled all aspects of the case, and was one of the four trial counsel for the plaintiffs.

The Lockheed Skunkworks case vs. Lockheed and dozens of chemical manufacturers. Represented hundreds of factory workers who used toxic material while building top-secret aircraft, including the stealth fighter. Mr. Gonzalez handled all aspects of the case, including several trials to verdict. Litigation helped to pass the Workers Right to Know legislation.

Perotti vs. Syntex. Represented a young girl who was brain damaged as a result of a defective baby formula. Mr. Gonzalez handled all aspects of the case, including trial. Represented numerous other similarly injured children following the verdict in Perotti. Litigation ultimately led to the Congressional enactment of the Baby Formula Act.

Branson vs. Sharp Grossmont Hospital. Represented a man who was rendered a quadriplegic after being denied proper medical care, due primarily to his history of drug abuse. The case settled as jury selection began and the confidential settlement is believed to be the largest verdict or settlement ever for a medical malpractice case in San Diego County.

Miley vs. Lopez. Represented a man who was injured in an automobile accident. The defendant's insurance company refused to pay their $15,000 policy limit, so Mr. Gonzalez took the case to trial and resulted in a post-verdict judgment in excess of $1 million.

Ford/Firestone Rollover Litigation. Represented numerous clients who had been involved in rollover accidents resulting from tire failure and/or vehicle instability.

Pharmaceutical Litigation. Represented numerous clients in mass tort claims against manufacturers of defective medications, including Endo/Qualitest (whose defectively packaged birth control pills allowed users to become pregnant); AstraZeneca (whose nasal decongestion inhalant Rhinocort caused permanent eye damage); and Johnson & Johnson (whose antibiotic Levaquin causes tendon damage).